Photo: Katarzyna Górka

"What I like about here is that at least we have food. When you work, for a daily wage you can afford something to eat." - Josbelys

by Rafaela Gomes

Josbelys (19) from Margarita Island (Venezuela), defines herself as a good person who does not like things done with a bad intent. Her life in Venezuela was devoted mainly to the care of her 4-year-old daughter. She also used to spend significant amount of time with her family who traditionally gathered on the weekends to have fun and go to the beach. With her newborn daughter, of just six days, in her arms, Josbelys recalls making the decision to come to Brazil on a long and tiring bus trip that took three days, seeking refuge, shortly before giving birth. The decision was motivated by the shortage of supplies caused by the ongoing crisis in her country and because it became increasingly difficult to find even basic groceries. The financial condition of the family was also very precarious at that moment. In Brazil she hopes to achieve some stability. The young woman says that for the time being she intends to stay in Brazil but dreams of a future in which she can return to her family in Venezuela and believes that her country "the same way it has collapsed, it can rise up".