Photo: Fabricio Carrijo

“My biggest dream is to live in a place where my children can grow up safely” - Francisco

by Suedy Lorenna

Francisco (32) used to live in Venezuela with his four children. He had a big fishing company and a small farm where he used to grow fruits to sell. His life was good and the business successful, as he tells us. However, the with the ongoing crisis, people had less and less money to buy his products. The life became rough and difficult what forced him to make the decision of selling the little he had and moving to Brazil.


Photo: Suedy Lorenna

Photo: Suedy Lorenna

This decision, to leave behind everything he knew and start a journey with absolutely unknown destination, was extremely difficult for him. Their trip to Boa Vista was not easy. Between the city of Pacaraima and the capital of the Roraima state the family had to walk over 100 km, which took them seven days. However, along the way they received a lot of help and support from indigenous communities. They were also offered a ride for the remaining 100 km to Boa Vista by a Brazilian truck driver who got touched by their situation. Despite difficult circumstances and unknown future, Francisco dreams that one day he will be able to see his land again, to cultivate it and to be able to continue the business he left behind.